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In biological theory, protection from invaders is handled differently by each species with novel strategies at social, individual, cellular and at chemical levels. Through exploration we believe many further vital analogies will be drawn to cyber security — the protection of people, their software and robotic systems.

If you have a passion for drawing biological -inspiration to cyber security problem solving, then take a read of our info below and feel free to get in contact.


Peter M. D. Scully is a PhD Researcher (2011-2015) and Intelligent Robotics Research Group associate in Computer Science, Aberystwyth University, Wales.

His project interests are in adaptive intelligent systems and building decentralised self-healing security systems for industrial automation networks.

Website: http://petescully.co.uk

Dr Mark J. Neal is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Intelligent Robotics research group at the Department of Computer Science at Aberystwyth University, Wales.

His project interests are in hybrid bio-computational decision system research and in building functional, safe and secure robotic sailing boats and systems.

Website: http://users.aber.ac.uk/mjn

Dr. Jules F. Pagna Disso is the Technical Services Director at Nettitude Group. Previously he was the Head of Cyber Security Research Lab UK of EADS Innovation Works.

His project interests stem from his dedication to building innovative cyber security solutions for corporate and industrial automation use cases.

Website: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jdisso


This is a non-profit website to support bio-inspired solutions to aid artificial intelligence approaches for cyber security. During 2012-2015 it was sponsored by grants from EPSRC and EADS Innovation Works (Newport, UK)  and supported by Aberystwyth University.